Painter. Artist. ( Florist. Photographer.)

Fiona Hind

United Kingdom / South West Germany.

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My inspiration comes from many places. The human body. The landscape. The sea. The sky. I generally know it when I see it.

I take pleasure in reconstructing and representing the things I see. I try to produce atmosphere and environments in my paintings.
Often using easy compositions and minimum forms,
colour and transparency, to create presence.

There is never a big plan to my paintings. Sometimes only beginning with a composition which feels comfortable and with colours I am enjoying in that moment.

Painting, I find, both satisfying and frustrating. A constant challenge. An outlet for emotions. A form of Escapisim. A passion.

Much of the work you see here is for sale or sold already. If you are interested in prices, postage options, commissioned work, or anything else, please drop me a line on the contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.